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Best Cities for Singles with Local Dating Insights from Bumble

September 22, 2021

Happy National Singles Week!

It’s almost cuffing season, and even the most steadfast singles can’t help but start thinking about coupling up. However, the dating game has shifted as dating app culture is the norm. With the apps, we’re now exposed to more options than ever before. This can be overwhelming, but it’s advantageous! If you’re looking for the LOYL, it means you can screen out bad candidates before those first dates.

What if we told you the challenges of dating were in part due to where you live? Proximity is one of the major factors in finding the perfect SO for you. If you’re ready to finally find “the one,” there are some cities where your odds may be better.

We examined 100 US cities to determine the Best Cities for Singles in 2021.

Our report is based on four key metrics:

  • Dating Satisfaction
  • Social Satisfaction
  • Dating Affordability
  • Percentage of Singles

Adding to the data, we got the local scoop on dating insights from our friends at Bumble. Get a jump start on dating in these cities by learning about the popular Profile Prompts1, Profile Badges2, and Interest Badges3 from the Bumble community.

Key Findings:

From analyzing the data, a few trends emerged.

  • The East Coast reigns supreme. The East Coast far outscored the West Coast on our list, as 6 out of the 10 listed cities are from the East Coast.
  • College cities are the perfect place for singles. 50% of these best cities for singles are the same cities in our Best Metros for College Grads. This could be skewed by the singles population of young college students or influenced by college grads staying nearby after graduating.

If you’re single and ready to mingle, these cities are for you.

Washington DC Skyline Sunset

#1. Washington, DC

Taking first place on our list is Washington, DC! DC ranked highest on our list for its high marks in social and dating satisfaction. In DC, singles can spend time on dates exploring the thousands of things to do in the area. From visiting the National Zoo to remembering history at the Lincoln Memorial to catching a game at Nationals Park, there’s always somewhere new to explore on a first date.

These activities are perfect for singles in Washington DC, as some of the most popular Bumble Profile Badges are Pets, Education, and Exercise. Among Bumble users who adopted “Sport” Interest Badges, the top sports were basketball, football, and soccer. DCers can go on dates rooting for the Washington Nationals in the spring and the Washington Wizards in the winter.

With almost half the city being single, DC scores high on our dating satisfaction and affordability indexes. The average cost of a quintessential date night of a movie and dinner costs $105, which isn’t too bad considering the median earnings here are $80,445.

Boston skyline

#2. Boston, MA

Moving a few states north, we land at our second best city for singles, Boston! It’s no wonder Boston scores highest for dating satisfaction, as exactly half of its residents are single. This may imply why “Date Intentions” is a top choice for Bumble Profile Badges. Bostonians want to know exactly what each single is looking for before someone jumps to DTR.

Compared to DC, the average cost of a movie and dinner date is higher and the median earnings are not proportionate to this increase. This type of date costs around $113. If a movie and dinner date isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other options.

In fact, singles on Bumble show more of an appetite for activity-based interests like “Going Out”, “Sports” and “Traveling”. With the “Going Out” Interest Badge category, singles enjoy visiting museums and galleries. Boston is home to a plethora of museums from the Museum of Fine Arts to the Museum of Science and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Between the museums and the Boston sports scene, you have a wide array of date options!

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown skyline.

#3. Atlanta, GA

The Big Peach is our third best city for singles. Singles can spend their weekends here taking in the flowers at the Botanical Garden, watching a Broadway show at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, or strolling through Piedmont Park. So it’s no surprise that Atlanta scored high on social satisfaction, as there’s always something to do.

And there’s also always something to eat. If you’re a huge foodie, you aren’t alone in Atlanta. Atlantans on Bumble often select “Food and Drinks” as one of their Interest Badges. They love eating tacos or grabbing coffee, two great first-date ideas!

Similar to its counterparts, Atlanta also has an above-average single rate with 55% of the city being single. The city is home to 57 colleges and universities, which may contribute to this large singles rate. Atlanta’s huge student population is supported by Bumble’s data showing that one of the most popular Bumble Profile Badges is “Education”.

 Minneapolis downtown skyline in Minnesota, USA at sunset

#4. Minneapolis, MN

Coming in fourth place is Minneapolis! Scoring high on dating satisfaction, Minneapolis is the perfect place for a fitness date. One of the most popular Bumble Profile Badges is “Exercise”. Singles here can take advantage of the Minneapolis great outdoors such as hiking to the majestic Minneahaha waterfall in the summer or going cross country skiing in the winter. Or, try a scenic bike ride for a first date. The city heavily invests in its bike infrastructure, making this a perfect date idea.

Based on our data, Minneapolis also scored high on social satisfaction. Bumble’s data supports this. Minneapolitans on Bumble prioritize “Values & Traits”, which is one of the most popular Interest Badges for this city. Bumble users here favor qualities such as being open-minded and having empathy for others. This aligns with social satisfaction as Minneapolitans really care about getting to know one another. Bumble users often show this high interest by kicking off the conversation with the Profile Prompt, “What makes a relationship great is…”

 Pittsburgh downtown under a warm sunset light, viewed from Grandview Overlook across Monongahela River

#5. Pittsburgh, PA

The City of Bridges ranks as the fifth-best city for singles! Scoring high on social satisfaction and percentage of singles, Pittsburgh is the place to be. With more than half of the population being single, singles in Pittsburgh can spend time with dates or friends on a slew of adventures! Imagine a romantic, or friendly, walk through the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, admiring the view from Mount Washington, and getting lost in the Andy Warhol museum.

But if you’re more of an indoor date person, you aren’t alone! “Nightclub or Netflix” was one of the top Profile Prompts to start Bumble conversations. This makes sense as one of the top Interest Badges was, “Staying In”. If this resonates more with you than exploring the outdoors, you can spend your date nights cooking, playing video games or board games, all top choices of Pittsburgh Bumble singles!

However, if you’re looking to go out and about. You’ll have a relatively low date cost to income ratio. For example, a movie and dinner for two will cost you $78. With average earnings of over $50K, a date for less than $80 isn’t too shabby, especially for those singles who love “Films & TV”, which was another top Interest Badge.

 Richmond, Virginia, USA downtown skyline on the James River.

#6. Richmond, VA

Landing 6th on our list is Richmond, the history-filled capital of Virginia. In fact, the city of Richmond ranked as high as 4th for overall dating satisfaction. However, the city falls a bit short on social satisfaction, landing 25th. Although the city’s social scene isn’t as abundant as a DC or Boston, Richmond has plenty to offer for singles.

When it comes to the social scene, Richmond appears to be the spot for creative types. According to Bumble's insights, “Creativity and Music” are among the top interests for Richmond singles. When you think of music cities, you probably think of Nashville and Austin. Richmond’s music scene is a bit under the radar, but a huge part of the city’s culture. Forbes even dubbed Richmond “The Underground Music City Everyone Needs To Visit.” For the Bumble community in Richmond, country music is their genre of choice.

Richmond has the 2nd lowest average date costs in our top 10. Even though things tend to be on the affordable side in Richmond, you can still go on unforgettable dates for free! Check out the 3-day Richmond Folk Festival along the Waterfront from October 8th-10th. This festival celebrates Richmond’s music and arts culture, and yep - it’s free!

 Downtown Skyline of Austin, Texas in USA

#7. Austin, TX

Speaking of music, the “Live Music Capital of the World” ranks the 7th best city for singles. Unsurprisingly, “Music” is one of the top interest categories for Austinites on Bumble and the preferred genres are country, R&B and rock.

Austin scores highly for almost all of our ranking metrics, but falls short on the percentage of singles. Dating satisfaction and social satisfaction are sky-high… but you might have to spend a bit more time finding that special someone for you in Austin.

With the Austin City Limits music festival just around the corner, this could be the best time to bond with your new Bumble connection over your shared love of music at the Bumble Hive pop-up, which will be located between the BMI and T Mobile stages both weekends!

Panorama of Denver skyline long exposure at twilight.

#8. Denver, CO

The Mile High City, Denver, lands in the 8th spot on our list. Denver is perfect for outdoorsy singles, and even better if you’re a pet owner! The most popular Interest Badges among Denver singles on Bumble are “Traveling”, Pets” and “Music.” When traveling, Denver singles are taking hiking and camping trips to the towering Rocky Mountains (and they’re probably bringing their dogs!).

Social satisfaction is the highest mark for Denver and the 5th highest in our top 10. Take a stroll through one of the many Denver neighborhoods and you’ll quickly see why, as bustling dog-friendly breweries line the streets. The beer scene is big in Denver, so start your first date out at a craft brewery in RiNo or Highlands.

Similar to Austin, Denver also has a low percentage of singles. In fact, it has the lowest percentage in our top 10, with only 52% of Denverites being eligible singles. But fear not. As more and more people flock to Denver, you’re sure to find the perfect match!

Chicago, Illinois, USA downtown skyline from Lincoln Park at twilight.

#9. Chicago, IL

Following the Mile High City is the Famous Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. Chicago places 9th on our list, reporting strong scores in dating satisfaction and percentage of singles. The city just edges out Richmond for having the cheapest date costs in our top 10, so don’t feel bad if that first date doesn’t go as planned!

Similar to folks in Minneapolis, Chicagoans on Bumble also prioritized qualities such as being open-minded, being active, and empathy through the “Values and Traits” Interest Badge. “Going Out” and “Music” were the two other most popular Interest Badges in Chicago, which perfectly aligns with the city’s high social satisfaction score.

Be sure to take advantage of Chicago’s arts scene for a memorable date! Going out to museums & art galleries is one of the most popular activities for Chicago singles on Bumble, and you have no shortage of options to choose from. The Museum of Contemporary Art and The Art Institute of Chicago are staples of the city and a unique date experience.

downtown Seattle, Pier 66

#10. Seattle, WA

Just making the final cut at #10 on our list is Seattle, Washington. The gem of the Pacific Northwest is a great spot for singles, despite having the 2nd highest date costs in our top 10. However, the prices are well worth it when you’re tasting the flavors of the Pike Place Market and taking in the waterfront views.

Similar to Denver, Seattle singles are big on their pets and one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States. It's not surprising to see the “Pets” Badge as one of the most popular Interest Badges in Seattle. Dogs, cats, and fish are among the most popular pets according to those based in Seattle who display this Interest Badge.

With all of the delectable local fare, it’s easy to see why “Food and Drink” is one of the top interests for Seattle singles. One interest that’s unique to Seattle is “Bumble Values & Allyship.” For the “Bumble Values & Allyship'' category specifically, Black Lives Matter, Environmentalism, and LGBTQ+ ally are top values and causes that resonate with the Bumble community in Seattle.

Best Cities for Singles Data

RankingCityTotal ScoreDating SatisfactionSocial SatisfactionDating AffordabilityPercentage of Singles
#1Washington, DC90.5384.2110085.9798.27
#2Boston, MA89.1510081.3664.4100
#3Atlanta, GA81.8469.1793.6684.8392.39
#4Minneapolis, MN81.485.182.6775.2578.89
#5Pittsburgh, PA75.7468.5481.4275.4384.78
#6Richmond, VA75.1680.173.1454.9287.54
#7Austin, TX71.97192.1773.0552.25
#8Denver, CO69.2469.7681.8574.9849.83
#9Chicago, IL68.671.0277.554.6168.86
#10Seattle, WA68.2160.479.185.156.06

Ranking Methodology

  1. Dating Satisfaction (40%): We looked at how satisfied renters are with dating opportunities in their city. In Apartment List’s Annual Renter Satisfaction Survey, we asked renters: “How satisfied are you with opportunities for dating in your current city.”

  2. Social Satisfaction (20%): We looked at how satisfied renters are with social life in their city. In Apartment List’s Annual Renter Satisfaction Survey, renters were asked: “How satisfied are you with social life in your current city?”

  3. Dating Affordability (20%): How could we quantify the best city for singles without looking at how much a date costs? We assumed that the more affordable it is to go out, the more dates a person can set up without breaking the bank. This statistic looks at the average price of two movie tickets and a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant compared to median earnings. Median earnings for full-time, year-round workers with earnings were taken from the Census Bureau American Community Survey 2019 and adjusted using the yearly inflation rate.

  4. Percentage of Singles (20%): The percentage of singles in each city is taken from the Census Bureau American Community Survey.

For each of the four categories above, we transformed a city’s value into a normalized score ranging from 0 (the city with the worst value) and 100 (the city with the best value). For example, half of Boston’s survey takers are satisfied with the local dating scene, higher than any other city. Therefore, Boston’s dating satisfaction score is 100. The city with the lowest dating satisfaction rate is San Bernardino, CA; therefore, San Bernardino’s dating satisfaction score is 0. Each city’s Total Score is a weighted average of its four individual scores, with Dating Satisfaction receiving a 40 percent weight and all other categories receiving a 20 percent weight.

Bumble’s Local Dating Insights

To add some local flavor to each city, we collaborated with Bumble4 to provide some local dating insights. These insights are taken from Bumble’s Profile Prompts, Profile Badges, and Interest Badges. These are all tools singles can use to get to know their potential dates better.

  • Profile Prompts: On Bumble, singles have the opportunity to choose from over 40 Profile Prompts that will help them showcase their personality and let others learn more about their hobbies and preferences before they choose to connect.
  • Profile Badges: Folks on Bumble can also use Profile Badges to indicate their values and lifestyle choices such as religion, politics, fitness, and even their astrology signs!
  • Interest Badges: Available to those on Bumble Date, Interest Badges are an extension of Bumble’s Profile Badges where people can select up to 5 Badges from over 150 interests that range in various categories including sports, creative hobbies, favorite movie genres and so much more.

The data and insights below highlight some of the most compelling local insights about folks using Bumble in top cities for singles.

Special Events and Date Nights in LA - Hosted by Bumble

The City of Stars unfortunately didn’t score in our top ten. It ranked 37/100 behind other California cities such as San Francisco, Long Beach, Chula Vista, San Diego, and Oakland. Los Angeles did; however, score above average on dating satisfaction, social satisfaction, and percentage of singles. With 62% of LA being single, singles will have a blast at Bumble’s upcoming events.

Venice Whaler

  • Date: Wednesday, September 22nd
  • Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Location: 10 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292

When in doubt, take your date to a local favorite. Enter in, the Venice Whaler–a Venice institution, welcoming locals and visitors alike since 1944. A true watering hole by the water, The Venice Whaler is known for its consistent service of killer margaritas and world-famous fish tacos, always best enjoyed alongside a magical Venice Beach sunset. Get ready to get swooned by the sea by visiting the Venice Whaler for your next Bumble date. Show your Bumble profile when you visit the Venice Whaler to unlock special extras.


  • Come by Wednesday, September 22nd from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm to unlock Bumble offerings
  • The first 100 guests will receive a complimentary drink, with the choice of cocktail, beer, or wine from the menu
  • Must be 21+ with valid ID to access. Individuals are required to follow state and local COVID-19 guidelines and any additional safety measures implemented by each individual business

For more information on this event, visit their site.

The Den

  • Date: Thursday, September 23rd
  • Time: 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm
  • Location: 8226 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Treat your next date to a night at The Den, a lively neighborhood restaurant in the heart of West Hollywood, right on the Sunset Strip. Grab a table and kick off your romantic evening with food and drink made with high-quality, thoughtful ingredients that will leave your bellies, and your hearts, full. Show your Bumble profile when you visit The Den to unlock special extras.


  • Come by Thursday, September 23rd from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm to unlock Bumble offerings -The first 100 guests will receive a complimentary drink, with the choice of cocktail, beer, or wine
  • Must be 21+ with valid ID to access. Individuals are required to follow state and local COVID-19 guidelines and any additional safety measures implemented by each individual business

For more information on this event, visit their site.

If you don't live in LA, don't fret! Bumble also offers recommendations on the best date spots in Chicago and New York within their City Guides. You can learn more about Bumble's City Guides by visiting

  1. Bumble users have the option to choose from 40 profile prompts to help showcase their personalities and let others learn more about their hobbies and preferences before they choose to swipe! Learn more about profile prompts.
  2. Profile Badges are an easy way for users to share more about themselves on their Bumble profiles without taking up space in your bio. Learn more about these badges.
  3. On Bumble Date, users have the opportunity to display Interest Badges. These will help potential matches get a feel for all of the things you enjoy in life! Learn more about Interest Badges.
  4. To learn more about Bumble, please visit You can also download Bumble worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

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