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6 Best Plants for Your Apartment

By: Megan G. Cain
September 8, 2020

Sprucing up your apartment goes beyond new furniture and a fresh coat of paint. Apartment plants can bring natural beauty into your apartment, as well as boast several health benefits. Plants can help purify your air, improve your mood, and promote better rest. The right apartment plants also work well in every room from bathroom to kitchen and bedroom.

So, which plants are best for apartment living? Megan G. Cain, author and owner of The ZEN Succulent, joins us to share her six favorite plants that add new life to your apartment.

Cactus for Apartments With Good Natural Light

A cactus is an ideal apartment plant in rooms with good natural light. Cacti species come from sunny, dry regions of the Americas and thrive in rooms drenched in sunlight. If you love cacti but your apartment is shady, look for a sun-soaked spot in your kitchen or living room with an east or south-facing window. Cacti are also low-maintenance with no green thumb required. All they need is watering about once a month and allow the soil to remain dry.

Cactus also come in a variety of shapes, textures, color, and sizes that speak to your personal style. Pair it with a vibrant container to make your new plant a focal point of your room or conversation piece.

ZZ Plants for Aparmtents with Shifting Sunlight

A ZZ plant, also called Zamioculcas zamifolia, features glossy green shades and thick stems that taper to a point. The oval leaves of the ZZ plant also bring a level of sophistication to your apartment. These plants do well in a variety of rooms with low to medium light, making it ideal if the sunlight shifts or you want one in a different room.

Try it in your living room to brighten up a corner or place on your bathroom vanity to soften up the room. ZZ plants are also low-maintenance and only need watering every two weeks, or as needed.

Terrariums for a Decorative Arrangement

A terrarium is a creative way to design a mini-living landscape right in your apartment. Terrariums are like an aquarium, but with plants instead of fish. Terrariums rose to popularity in the 1970s, but have seen a resurgence in recent years due to their ease of care and gorgeous look.

Design your own terrarium with tropical plants or give it a modern twist by adding succulents, cacti, or air plants. Terrariums only need water a few tablespoons of water a week to thrive. However, terrariums do require adequate light, so pick a room in your home with an east, south, or west-facing window to maximize the health of your plants.

Palms If You Have A Furry Friend

Palms come in over 2,600 species and are known for their lush, green fronds that come in a variety of sizes. Situate a small variety on a side table or choose a larger option to sit on your floor. Palms grow naturally in tropical or subtropical environments and prefer warm places in your home with indirect sunlight. If you’re new to palms, try the parlour palm (Chamaedorea elegans) that’s easy to care for and hard to kill.

Palms are also perfect apartment plants for pet lovers. In case your pup takes a bite, rest easy knowing they’re non-toxic.

Air Plants If You Don’t Have a Green Thumb

Air plants are easy to care for due to their root-free care. They’re harder to kill than other plants and don’t require soil or rocks. Instead, you can place air plants in a shallow ceramic dish, pot, or vase and arrange them in your apartment. Air plants also thrive in low light and require some light misting once a week when they’re dry to the touch.

Snake Plant for Renters with Allergies

Snake plants, or sansevieria, are tall, dark-green plants with narrow leaves that are perfect for people with allergies. They also work well for anyone who wants to improve the quality of air in their apartment. Snake plants release higher oxygen levels in comparison to most plants and will add moisture to the air.

These apartment plants can also survive in rooms with low light levels. Plant novices also love that snake plants are difficult to kill. They can even be neglected for weeks at a time and retain their healthy look.

Apartment plants are stylish, promote good health, and can be easy to care for if you choose the right one. Learn more about the best plants for your home at The ZEN Succulent.

Photos provided by Allie Mullin Photography

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Megan G. Cain is the owner of The ZEN Succulent, a neighborhood plant & gift shop located in Durham & Raleigh, NC. Read More
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