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7 Tips For Throwing a New Year's Eve Party in Your Apartment

By: Ron Guha
December 23, 2019

The thought of throwing a New Year's Eve party can be a bit daunting. But throwing one in your apartment? That's just downright scary! Broken lamps, upset neighbors, and a cranky landlord are just a few of the things that you must fend off in order to throw a successful party.

Follow these pro-tips to make sure your NYE party is a hit:

1. Invite Your Neighbors

Nothing is worse than living next to the guy or girl who throws parties all the time. I encourage you not to be that person - instead, make sure you clear your party with your neighbors. Better yet, send them an invite! Even if they don't come, they'll still appreciate the gesture and be a bit more tolerant of the loud noise.

2. Maximize Your Allocated Party Space

Being young in a big city has its perks. Having to live in a tiny apartment due to your budget is not one of them. Clear out some space before the big night, and make sure you're making use of all suitable surfaces! Convert your coffee table to a margarita station, your kitchen to a makeshift buffet, and your bedroom to an off-limit zone.

3. Hide Your Valuables 

Miss this tip and your treasure might just end up becoming another man's trash. Make sure you clear your valuables and stow them in a safe place! Otherwise, don't be surprised when you wake up the next day to find that someone used your iPad as a coaster.

4. Create A Resolution Board

Planning on being a better person who brushes their teeth twice a day? Want to lose 25 lbs? Become a fire juggler? So do all of your friends! Pick up some poster boards and markers, and encourage your guests to write down a resolution before the clock strikes midnight!

5. Plan Out The Big One-Two

The whole point of a New Years party is to celebrate the clock striking midnight. Make sure you plan something special for the most sacred hour of the year. Obviously have a TV on watching the ball drop. Be sure to have some champagne ready to pop when the countdown ends. Just make sure you don't get any on the floor to help you with tip number 7.

6. Do Your Part and Keep Everyone Safe

Nothing else on this list is as important as making sure your guests get home safe. Encourage your friends to take an Uber, Lyft, or a taxi to your party. If they happen to drive, make sure you take their keys and hold on to them until the end of the night. Jeff got a little too loose with the sangria? Make sure you don't give him back his keys - call him a cab or offer up your couch.

7. Last But Not Least, Plan the Cleanup 

The best part about throwing a party? You're guaranteed an invite! Worst part? Waking up to spilled salsa on your heirloom rug. Do the responsible thing, and plan the cleanup well before the day of the big event! Recruit some of your friends to help you out. Offer bacon and bloody mary's and it'll be hard to say no.

Follow these tips, and you're night of stress and anxiety will be one of joy and relaxation. What better way to bring in the new year!

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Ron is a former member of the Growth team at Apartment List. . Read More
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