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City Guide
Moving to Jasper

Find a single city in America that looks better than Jasper on paper. Seriously, we'll wait. Actually, we won't... because it's going to take you forever. If you can find rental housing in Jasper that you fall in love with, there's nothing about the city that will make you regret moving there. The violent crime rate is nearly nine times lower than in the rest of Indiana, and it's nearly 10 times lower than America's average. Point being, if you don't like violence, it's a good place to be. If you do, there might be an MMA gym around.

When to Start Looking

Though it's nearly impossible to believe, you won't need to start looking for a place in Jasper insanely far in advance. Sure, a month or two buffer would ensure that you get the place you really want, but there's actually an abundance of rental homes in Jasper to go around. Additionally, more than one-in-four residents are renters. Although these are often indicators of a less-than-favorable city, that's simply not the case in Jasper.

When to Make the Move

One great thing about Jasper is the fact that the summers don't get detrimentally hot. If you've ever lived in the south or California, you know what "detrimentally hot" means. Average temperatures range from 65 to 87 degrees during even the hottest months, so you won't have a heat stroke if you move in during the summer. On the other hand, though, you may want to avoid December through February. The average high temperature literally doesn't creep above 45 degrees during these months.

What to Bring Along

Everything. Seriously, if it can help you, bring it along. You would think that finding an apartment to rent in an area with so many places to go around would be simple, but the landlords here know that their city is coveted for how great it is, and they want to ensure that it stays that way. Bring along references from prior landlords, a background check, proof of income and a credit check. All of these things will go toward proving that you're an adult. Don't worry: once the landlord leaves, you can revert right back to watching Spongebob.

Jasper Neighborhoods

There are cities throughout America that people have to think really hard about to find positive features about their neighborhoods. Fortunately, this isn't the case in Jasper. You can find premier apartments all over the city, and each neighborhood has its own je ne sais quoi about it. Yeah, go ahead and look that phrase up! Or we could save you time: it's a good thing.

Southeast: The southeastern area of Jasper, which includes the beautiful neighborhoods of Brentwood and Arlington, is home to the Mid-America Sports Advantage. If you manage to injure yourself there, it's also home to Medical of Dubois. Neighborhoods are really spread out, though, so unless you're training for a decathlon, at least bring a bike.

Northern Jasper: You honestly want to live here. If you're looking for apartment complexes, Knoll Ridge and Dubois Apartments are here. Like neighborhoods better? Check out West View and Skyline. Like Walmart and lots of restaurants? What... a... coincidence.

Central Jasper: Whether you're living in Silver Springs, Golden Acres or another one of the magnificent subdivisions in central Jasper, you'll love your new home. You'll have easy access to Imed-Memorial Hospital, and when you get overly excited about your new place and take too many pictures, the CVS nearby can get them printed out for you. Of course, posting to Facebook would be sufficient, but whatever floats your boat.

Southern Jasper: South of West Division Road isn't much more than companies and industrial buildings. You can try to live there, but it's not likely to happen once security finds you! Just north of the road, however, you can find neighborhoods like Whispering Pines and Catherine. Since the Ruxer Municipal Golf Course is nearby, you can even hit the greens every so often.

Living in Jasper

There's no doubt that Jasper neighborhoods have an abundance of positive aspects.

One of the Best in America

You already know Jasper was ranked as one of the best 100 small towns in America, but it's actually much better than that. Relocate America actually has the city in its Top 10 places to reside in the entire country. So yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

International Community

Probably, at best, you've lived in a community that had periodic block parties or festivals that attracted people from around the region, right? Like everything else, Jasper has that beat. Jasper's sister city, a German village called Pfaffenweiler, has numerous residents travel to the American city yearly for the Jasper Strassenfest. Forget local community; you've gone worldwide!

Daily Fun

There is a host of fun activities you can enjoy on a day-to-day basis. Check out the Dubois County Museum. Catch a flick at the Jasper 8 Theater. Go on the Spirit of Jasper train to take a trip through history. Pace yourself, though; this could get exciting.


The Jasper Arts Center has numerous performances reaching into all sects of the humanities. Come on, you could use a little culture. It'll help you fit in.

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