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Grand Junction, CO
31 Apartments for Rent with Parking

Parking can be at a premium in some cities where spaces are challenging to find. Some Grand Junction apartments offer parking options, either outside in a common area or w... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for an apartment with parking in Grand Junction?

Rental prices for apartments with parking in Grand Junction range from $600 to $2,700 per month.

How many apartments with parking are available for rent in Grand Junction?

Currently, there are 22 apartments with parking available for rent in Grand Junction.
City Guide for Grand Junction, CO

Bust out those sunglasses! You’re moving to Grand Junction, Colorado, a city that enjoys about 3,200 hours of sunlight per year. Located in the western part of the state, Grand Junction has a wide variety of apartment rentals located in its many unique neighborhoods. The problem is, many of them are already occupied. Let’s take a closer look at the Grand Junction real estate market.

On the surface, Grand Junction is a sportsman’s paradise. The city has a small town feel in the midst of Colorado’s breathtaking natural beauty and easy access to great hunting and fishing. Since it is west of the Rockies, it boasts a distinctly arid climate with little precipitation throughout both the winter and summer months.

A boom in oil drilling within the last 20 years has caused a rush on Grand Junction rentals. Pair that with the thriving health care industry and you’ll find a lot of transient residents who are desperate for rentals. This can be both good and bad for you. You’ll find a lot of rental properties with flexible leases and new developments with furnished apartments for rent. You may just have to fight tooth and nail to secure a good one.

Be prepared because there is a dearth of cheap apartments available in Grand Junction, and the most affordable ones may be in ill-maintained buildings in less than desirable neighborhoods. The Appleton and Redlands neighborhoods in the north and far western sections respectively are generally considered more desirable (and definitely more expensive) than the rest of Grand Junction. Here you can find a wide variety of luxury townhomes and apartment buildings, frequently featuring clubhouses, gyms, and pools. Be prepared to pay between $900-1300 a month for these rentals.

The rest of Grand Junction is a bit spottier in terms of safety and desirability. The city center and the adjacent are surrounding Mesa College have higher crime rates than the rest of city, but a number of cheap apartments. If you end up settling in this area, scour your block and complex before committing. Rents here generally range from $600-900.

If you’re looking for single-family rental homes, look to the south in the Orchard Mesa neighborhood. Here there are many detached rental properties available for $800-1000. Try to stay well within the borders of Grand Junction, as neighboring towns—including Clifton to the east—don’t have a great reputation.

But what about Fido and Fluffy? How will they take to their new locale? Well, as I said, Grand Junction has some pretty epic outdoors and the rental market is tailored to our furry friends. Most rentals in the area will be pet-friendly, just be sure to confirm it on your lease before signing the dotted line.

So, welcome to Grand Junction! Though the rental market may be a bit competitive, with some time, energy and gumption, you’ll be able to secure your dream rental right in the heart of this beautiful Colorado town. See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with parking in Grand Junction, CO

Parking can be at a premium in some cities where spaces are challenging to find. Some Grand Junction apartments offer parking options, either outside in a common area or within a private garage.

Ask about the stipulations around the parking. Those may include how many guests are allowed and where tenants park.

Some apartments may only allow parking in front of your own unit. Guest parking may be in a common area for up to one person.

If parking is scarce, look around the area before you sign a lease. Ample street parking in a neighborhood championed for its safety is probably fine. However, it’s probably not worth signing a lease if it means battling for daily parking for you and your guests.

Research whether you need a city permit to park in the neighborhood. Look into the associated costs and what to do about visitors who need parking.

Some tenants prefer garage parking near their units. However, an open-air lot may prove cheaper.

Keep in mind that the cost of wear and tear from parking outside can add up. It may be less expensive, in the long run, to look for an apartment with garage parking.