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About Sydney Bennet

Sydney is a Research Associate at Apartment List, where she conducts research on economic trends in the housing market. Sydney previously worked on a U.S. Senate race in Nevada, and has a BA in Economics and Political Science from UC Santa Barbara. Sydney can be reached at sbennet@apartmentlist.com

Prime Markup: How Much Would Amazon HQ2 Drive Up Rents?

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How will the new Amazon headquarters impact the housing market in the metro it moves to? In Seattle, home of the company’s current headquarters, the influx of high-paid Amazon employees has coincided with rent increases that outpace almost all other U.S. cities and the fastest growth rate in home prices nationwide.  Apartment List studied the impact on rents in 15 metros contending for HQ2, and predicts an additional annual rent increase of up to 2 percent per year on top of the rent growth those metros would experience without the Amazon HQ2. Although a one or two percent rent increase per year may not sound like a

Report Card: What Are the Top U.S. Metros for Millennials?

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What U.S. metros are the best for millennials? To answer that question, Apartment List graded 75 top U.S. metros in three categories -- jobs, affordability and livability -- and ranked them, based on their scores. Many metros score high in one or two categories, but few metros offer the ideal mix of a strong job market, affordable rent and home prices and high livability scores. The best three metros for millennials are Pittsburgh, Provo, Utah, and Madison, Wis., which all earn A+ marks overall. Largely, inland metros, primarily located in the Midwest and South, rank higher than coastal metros, offering

Smooth Moves: 12 Steps to a Successful Move

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Even if you’ve got the keys to your new dream apartment, moving can feel overwhelming. To make your move stress-free, we’ve compiled a guide with everything you need to know about moving to a new apartment, from packing secrets to remembering to forward your mail.   Preparing to Move Out   1. Read Your Lease Once you’ve decided to move, re-read your lease. Follow the proper procedure for notifying your landlord of your move. Landlords generally require written notice 30 days or 60 days prior to your move. If you don’t follow the proper procedure, you may end up paying

Moving On: Why are Renters Relocating?

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A new Apartment List report reveals that many renters want to relocate for more affordable housing and better job opportunities. The majority of renters indicate plans to settle down in a city other than where they currently reside, with Sunbelt renters more likely to settle in their current location. Renters in the Midwest and on the Coasts are more likely to settle down in a new metro, with a large share of renters in New York, Milwaukee, Cleveland and San Francisco planning to settle down elsewhere. In pricey East Coast and West Coast metros, renters cite affordability as the

Your Worst Roommate Horror Stories

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With the big moving season coming up, Apartment List wants to ensure our renters not only found a great apartment but are also prepared for their new roommates. We already shared our tips for finding the perfect roommate, but beware, not all roommates are perfect. Having a roommate (or many) can be a blessing. You’ll have someone to cook dinner with or vent about your day over a glass of wine. Plus, a roommate helps split the costs of your apartment. The wrong roommate can also be a disaster. We’ve all had a bad roommate - whether they were messy,