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Introducing Net Effective Rent

By: Apartment List
June 7, 2021

Looking for a new apartment can be very exciting, but also a bit exhausting. Asking yourself “How much should I spend on rent?” is key to a successful apartment search. But finding a killer deal and understanding “How much is my new place going to save me?” is an important, yet often unconsidered question.

On average, thousands of rent specials that effectively lower the listed rent price are available every day on Apartment List! So whether you are looking to rent your first place, moving to a new city, or simply ready for a change of scenery, finding great rental concessions and understanding the impact it has on your monthly rent are key.

Rent specials range from reduced application fees to as much as 2 or 3 months of free rent. Tallying up the value of these promotional offers can be time-consuming and confusing. That’s why we show simple and transparent pricing for any apartment with an offered special. This allows you to compare apples to apples - making it really obvious which property is truly offering the best prices.

Simple and transparent pricing with Net Effective Rent

Imagine a world where you are shopping and unable to see which items are on sale? It would be so difficult to make a decision! Apartment List is the only rental website that allows you to search specifically for specials and actually shows you costs after deducting rent concessions. As renters (and discount fans) ourselves, we’re super excited to launch this game-changing, industry-leading feature - Net Effective Rent.

Net Effective Rent saves you time by factoring rent specials into the prices you see. We calculate the total rent you’d pay over the term of your lease (subtracting specials), and then show you an average estimated monthly figure that can be used to easily compare the total cost between different properties.

Renters loved being able to find savings!

Your rental concierge

At Apartment List, we know renting can be overwhelming and time-consuming. And we believe renters deserve better when it comes to search and savings. Which is why our mission is to be the ultimate rental concierge. You shouldn’t have to dedicate 40+ hours to finding a new home. We will always do the heavy lifting - from curating your top matches and validating property info, to helping you connect with your favorite places, and especially in highlighting ways to save money.

Net Effective Rent is an industry leading feature that will help you make the best decision on an apartment for you and your budget. But we also know there are additional ways to uncover savings. For example, unconventional lease lengths can offer big discounts! In the future, we expect to introduce new features to allow you to do just that.

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John Kobs is the CEO and Co-founder of Apartment List, the fastest growing rental marketplace in the United States. John believes that everyone deserves a home they love, and has built Apartment List on a foundation of trust and transparency for renters and owners.
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