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3 Apartments for rent in Fergus Falls, MN

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5 Units Available
Colonial Village
1234 N Broadway, Fergus Falls, MN
1 Bedroom
643 sqft
2 Bedrooms
873 sqft
3 Bedrooms
One-, two-, three- and four-bedroom homes in charming, tranquil residential neighborhood, just over from North Broadway Park. Units have dishwashers and refrigerators. Basketball court, BBQ and grill. Cats and dogs allowed.
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12 Units Available
River Bluff
306 Western Ave, Fergus Falls, MN
1 Bedroom
751 sqft
2 Bedrooms
1003 sqft
3 Bedrooms
1211 sqft
Great location near Westridge Mall/Theater, Kennedy Park and Pebble Lake Golf Course. Covered walkways lead to private, covered parking. Multiple floor plans. Monthly rates include most utilities.
Last updated February 26 at 07:08am
4 Units Available
623 W Fir Ave, Fergus Falls, MN
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
1040 sqft
Comfortable apartments in a picturesque Fergus Falls community. Units boast air conditioning, bathtubs and California-style closets. Sauna, hot tub and gym on-site. Cats and dogs allowed. Walking distance from the city park.
City GuideFergus Falls
Fergus Falls in Minnesota plays host to many a haunting tale of ghostly apparitions. At the Regional Treatment Center, employees often cite stories about witnessing phantoms of the night and hearing strange and eerie noises. Even the local schools are said to be haunted. Fergus Falls Middle School's auditorium is considered to be a regular spot for the spirit of a young girl.

The city of Fergus Falls is located in Otter Tail County, Minnesota. From the 2010 census, the population was estimated to be just over 13,000. The highest average yearly temperatures are around 80 degrees, and occur in July, whereas the lowest average yearly temperatures are a very chilly minus 3 in January. There's plenty to do and see in the area, and Fergus Falls is well connected in terms of the surrounding road network, though if you're intent on taking the train, well, that ain't happening!

Moving to Fergus Falls

When to Begin Looking

You should allow at least four weeks to locate a rental place in Fergus Falls. There's relatively high demand for housing, so come prepared to place a deposit on your dream rental to avoid it slipping away.

What You Need

So what do you need if you want to rent a place in Fergus Falls? There's some basic requirements that will help you land a new home. First, you should bring with you some form of proof of current employment and income. Second, also bring some references from your previous landlords as a way of proving that you're not a disaster waiting to happen. And third, line your pockets with enough cash for the deposit on the place of your choosing.

Neighborhoods in Fergus Falls

There is a fairly reasonable choice of rentals available in Fergus Falls, so it's generally a matter of searching to find the one that is most appealing to you. Nevertheless, as mentioned, don't be tempted to hang around for long when you do find a place. Instead, hand over the deposit and complete the necessary paperwork and you'll be sitting pretty!

Lincoln Avenue: Lincoln Avenue offers a quiet area, conveniently located in downtown Fergus Falls. There are several amenities in close proximity, including seven restaurants (such as Viking Cafe and Bello Cucina Italian Restaurant), a grocery store and a couple of gas stations, making it a near-perfect spot for rental apartments. The WalkScore for Lincoln Avenue is 74 out of 100.

N. Broadway: Close to the city's business district and not far from downtown, N. Broadway affords a range of rental houses in Fergus Falls. Crime rates for the vicinity are distinctly low. The Dairyland Drive-In is only a few blocks off the main street.

Laurel Avenue: With a grocery store and three restaurants within easy walking distance, Laurel Avenue makes for a prime location for those who are looking to find an apartment.

Spruce Street: A fine place to rent an apartment, Spruce Street is situated in a quiet part of the city, and has a grocery store and five restaurants all situated close by.

Life in Fergus Falls

Fergus Falls is well connected by road. The main routes that connect the city are Interstate 94 / U.S. Highway 59 as well as Minnesota State Highway 210. County Highways 1, 82, and 88 also connect with the area. The nearest train stations are all located within Minnesota, about 132 miles away. The closest airport to Fergus Falls is Hector International Airport in Fargo, which offers domestic flights. The nearest major airport to the city is Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, in Minneapolis, which is almost 190 miles away.

How do folks who reside in Fergus Falls keep themselves busy? Otter Tail County Museum on Lincoln Avenue West hosts a localized history museum as well as a genealogy library for those who wish to track their roots. Center for the Arts, also on Lincoln Avenue West, offers concerts and theatrical performances. Northern Aire Bowling Lanes on College Way does what it says on its sign -- it's a 10-pin bowling alley. But it doesn't just stop there. The joint also serves excellent burgers and fries as well as pizza, and you can wash it all down with a delicious shake! Talking about food, you may be wondering where some of the best restaurants are to be found in the area. Caf 116 Restaurant on South Union Avenue crafts the finest coffees and teas to be found in the whole area! It also offers a range of basic cuisines such as scrambled eggs, soups, salads, and some gluten-free options. Mabel Murphy's Eating and Drinking Establishment just off Highway 210 offers its patrons great food, great service, and some fine ales to boot, and will send you very merrily on your way.

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