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Ruston, LA 5 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Prices shown are base rent prices and may not include non-optional fees and utilities.
Looking for 1 bedroom apartments in Ruston offers a variety of choices and price points. 1 bedroom apartments allow more privacy than living with a roommate, and gives you more fl... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Ruston?

One-bedroom apartment rentals in Ruston start at $550 per month.
City Guide for Ruston, LA

Ruston renting has never been easy. Online info can be hard to find on this little Dixie city, so we went ahead and gathered what’s out there into this handy little apartment guide for you. So, stick around and learn how to rent like a local Rustonian.

Located on the Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas border, this northern Louisiana city is home to Louisiana Tech, the Squire Creek Peach Festival, and lots of historic buildings that show just how close this community is with its roots. College culture is the driving force behind many local events, as well as businesses that cater to a more diverse crowd. Not many cities in this rural area of Louisiana can boast health food stores, cinemas, shopping, and nightlife. It's a nice mix for those who like the laid back lifestyle of country surroundings but still need a good dose of excitement every once in a while.

The price tag isn't bad either. Rental rates typically range from $300 to over $1,000, with a whole mess of options to choose from. Cheap apartments, quaint townhouses, duplexes, rental homes, mobile homes, and even RV rentals can be found in this city. So, no matter what your style or your budget, you’re sure to find exactly what you need here in Ruston. However, you’ll have to learn how to find them. Not many rental properties have online listings, and your selection will be very limited if you rely on technology for rental research. A savvy renter should pay this little city a visit, look for FOR RENT signs, check out the local classifieds, talk to potential neighbors, and keep an eye out for rental properties pinned to the bulletin boards at nearby grocers, churches, and on campus.

If you are moving to Ruston with your pets, you’ll be happy to know that there are a handful of pet friendly apartments and houses for rent in town. However, the low supply and high demand of pet friendly pads makes it a little more difficult to snag this type of rental, so don't hesitate to jump on a good deal. You can also expect to pay an additional pet fee, usually around $100 - $200.

Families will be happy to know that Ruston has quite a few family friendly neighborhoods. Yes, this is a college town and college kids can get pretty wild, however, neighborhoods north of I-20 are full of nice, quiet neighborhoods where families can live in the more peaceful atmosphere of secluded suburban hills. Of course, if you prefer to live on the wild side, then look south of I-20 where there are more students and cheap apartments for rent.

Now you are ready to rent like a Rustonian! Enjoy.

-By Katy Comal View Ruston City Guide

What to keep in mind when looking for 1 bedroom apartments in Ruston, LA

Looking for 1 bedroom apartments in Ruston offers a variety of choices and price points. 1 bedroom apartments allow more privacy than living with a roommate, and gives you more flexibility to find the perfect space for yourself or with a significant other.

There are a few things to consider when touring 1 bedroom apartments, including the square footage and layout. In some cities, small 1 bedroom apartments may cost nearly the same as a studio apartment. Decide whether cost, amenities, or location are the most important to help guide your apartment search.

If cost is a factor while searching for 1 bedroom apartments in Ruston, consider which floor you will live on. The bottom floor is often cheaper than top floor units, or there may be a unit with undesirable views or with an outdated kitchen that rents for less.

Remember to come prepared during your apartment hunt with pay stubs, a letter of employment or recommendation, identification, and a checkbook to act quickly. The best 1 bedroom apartments require fast action, so come ready to sign.