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City Guide
Moving to Kewanee

You wouldn't buy a used car without at least inspecting it, would you? At the very minimum, you would want to know the mileage, condition, and ownership history. In a figurative sense, the same thing applies when you are moving to a new place. You would want to know the history of the place, the types of amenities available, crime statistics, and the cost of living before moving. Fortunately, the cost of living in Kewanee is below both the Illinois and national median, making it a very affordable town by comparison. It does tend to get rather cold during the winter period, and the temperatures during the summer months are also lower than most places in the country on average.


Kewanee scores very high in terms of available amenities, ranging from utilities to goods and services. Do you own a vehicle, or will you depend on public transportation to get around in Kewanee? If you have a vehicle of your own, then you don't have to worry about getting about (lucky you!), but those who do not have their own cars will need to figure out how to get around when they eventually move to a new place in Kewanee. Luckily, the local public transportation service in Kewanee does a good job of providing regular bus and train services for residents. The Quad City International Airport is the major provider of air transportation service in the area, which helps tremendously when your travel needs require long distances.

Neighborhoods of Kewanee

Choose between the neighborhoods below and find one that tickles your fancy -- no matter which you choose, we know you're going to love Kewanee.

City Center: Did you know that the City Center neighborhood in Kewanee is more affordable than almost all the other neighborhoods in Illinois? It's true -- the area boasts rental rates that are 98 percent lower than other neighborhoods. You couldn't get a better deal in terms of costs. This factors in the considerable amenities and community activities aimed at making Kewanee a great place for the residents who live there. One of the things you will quickly notice when you come to Kewanee is the fact that most of the homes in this neighborhood are quite old. This is not a bad thing since such an attribute could lend a stately feel to a neighborhood. You will also find some newer buildings with rental options that include high-rise apartments, single-family homes, smaller apartments and large apartment complexes. One of the positives of living here is the conveniently short commute to work -- at about 15 minutes either way.

E. 2850th Street: This part of the neighborhood is pricier than the City Center area at more than twice the rental rates there. Just like the City Center, the houses here are of the older variety, but there are perhaps fewer options with only small apartment buildings and single-family homes primarily available. This area is relatively close the Red Apple Restaurant should you decide that you don't want to cook one night.

S. Main Street: Homes here are the same as most of the homes in Kewanee, and they mainly date back to the 1930s. Rental choices here are limited to the small apartment and single-family home varieties, but you know what they say about smaller homes -- love grows best there (how sweet, right?). The commute from this neighborhood to work is also within the 15-minute time frame. Let's face it: the commute time here is fabulous, and it frees up your time for things more fun that work. This neighborhood has many restaurants, including the local Dairy Queen and Barnhouse Restaurant.

N. 300th Avenue: This neighborhood offers several more options in terms of housing choices, including small apartments, high-rises, single-family homes and apartment complexes. In keeping with the general theme of Kewanee, most of the buildings here are old, but you will find some newer buildings in certain sections. The commute from here to most destinations within the vicinity is also quite short.

Things to Do in Kewanee

Those who love to do things outdoors will absolutely love the many options here in Kewanee. For instance, this city has more than six parks within the area, and that means lots of fun activities on the table for residents and visitors alike. Francis Park is a good place to go for picnics and camping excursions, just like you could visit Chautauqua Park for a game of baseball or take advantage of the city's golf course. Windmont Park has a pond where visitors can fish or just go on walks around the fitness trail.

Of course, we can't talk about Kewanee without mentioning the fact that it is famous for its annual Hog Day festival, an event that is held on Labor Day and involves carnival displays, a flea market, and a parade. You are practically guaranteed to find yourself in hog heaven here, right? Another popular event is the Henry County Fair, an annual cultural program on the busy community social calendar. Those who like concerts will probably enjoy the periodic concerts held at Veterans Park. The truth is that there is something for everyone to do in Kewanee.

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