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City Guide
Moving to Gallup

If you're considering moving to Gallup, you must have a reason and employment -- this is not the place to "find yourself." However, the city is known for a major author's festival and a "stranger than fiction" UFO film festival, and you can "find" plenty of great things to do in the area. Much of the appeal here is in the natural surroundings, but it can get hot and dusty in the summer, and mighty cold in the winter.

Life in New Mexico is pretty laid-back and casual, and with a chronically low occupancy rate for local apartments, you'll be less likely to need a lot of documentation to rent a place here than in other places. Just remember that signing a lease is a legal transaction, and be sure to take the time to read and understand the terms of your lease. You might be able to negotiate all other requirements.


Neighborhoods in Gallup aren't really well defined, except for the old city center. The city has grown pretty much like Topsy, and is now stretched out along the interstate highway.

E Route 66/S. Boardman: This smaller neighborhood is characterized by a mixture of single-unit homes and rental apts, and also by substantial availability. If you seek places to live in Gallup, you stand a pretty good chance to find them in this neighborhood, but they might not come at bargain prices.

Rehoboth-Zuni: You will very possibly find apartments that will be easier on your budget in this neighborhood of smallish single-unit homes and mobile homes. Although most of the residences here are owner-occupied, occupancy rates are traditionally lower in Gallup than in other cities, and it is not unusual to have many choices. You will enjoy the control you can exercise as you consider your options.

Gamerco/Mentmore: A mixture of medium-size to smaller homes, with some mobile homes and one-bedroom or studio units, make up this neighborhood. Most of them are older, but not historic. This is a more established area, with a relatively high owner-occupied ratio.

W. Maloney Ave/N. Second St: This is the neighborhood where you will find the majority of small apartment complexes. Most of the buildings are older, with many of them constructed before 1969. You will find available rentals here, including rentals for pet-friendly apartments.

Bread Springs: A huge neighborhood on the southern fringes of Gallup consisting of small- to medium-sized homes and mobile homes, Bread Springs is primarily owner-occupied and established and built between 1970 and 1999. This is most likely the last place you would look to rent an apartment. It's just not happening here, as they say.

The Stars Shine on Gallup

Numerous movies have been filmed in the area of Gallup, and the rooms at El Rancho Hotel are named after many famous Hollywood stars who stayed there, including Ronald Reagan, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, John Wayne and Gregory Peck. The stars in the night sky shine just as brightly, though, and the area's history, culture and mystique are wonderfully fascinating. You will be immersed in beauty and find many things to love here.

When you need to get away, you can head to the "big cities" in either direction on modern I-40, all the while dreaming of a great adventure on Route 66. It's also a great place to get away for a hike or to go exploring for a day. But be sure to take a good map, a working compass, sun protection and plenty of water!

The famous Four Corners Area is nearby, giving you access to four states. In fact, you can stand in all four at the same time and then head off for adventure in any one of them. This may not be where the West begins, and it may not be the Old West. But, this is the Land of Enchantment!

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