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1 Unit Available
90 Rose Park Drive
90 Rose Park Drive, North Platte, NE
2 Bedrooms
1344 sqft
Very nice fully furnished 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, functional kitchen, washer/dryer, WiFi/Smart TV, all utilities paid. Home is located on a secluded cul-de-sac in a established neighborhood.
City GuideNorth Platte
Welcome to North Platte, Nebraska! Let’s take a look at some apartments for rent and find you the home of your dreams.
Life in North Platte

North Platte is located in western Nebraska, about an hour and a half from the Colorado border. Situated on the banks of the Platte River, North Platte is truly a railroad city of the great Midwest. In fact, it’s pretty much the only city for miles and miles.

North Platte offers great outdoor recreation and a ton of cheap apartments. During the summer months, you’ll find plenty to do in many of the city’s fine parks, outdoor recreation areas and swimming centers. Additionally, the North Platte community has a great spirit that makes the city extremely comfortable to live in.

You won’t find much in terms of large apartment complexes in North Platte. What the city does offer in apartment rentals in concentrated in a small portion of town just outside of the city center. Pacific Place and the Sandridge Apartments are two of the most popular rentals in town. Most apartment complexes are owned and administered by real estate agencies.

Despite the general lack of apartment rentals, rental homes are abundant in desirable neighborhoods throughout town. The areas to the northwest and southwest of the city center are particularly desirable. Rental homes in North Platte tend to be well maintained or newly renovated and frequently include washer/dryer hook-ups and backyard access.

Because of the limited number of rentals available, securing an out of the ordinary apartment rental can be quite difficult. Short-term leases, smaller studio apartments or furnished apartments for rent are all pretty much non-existent in North Platte. .

Despite all the hassle of securing a rental in North Platte, once you do, you’ll be sure to enjoy the vibe. Welcome!