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29418 160 St
29418 160th Street, Platte County, NE
4 Bedrooms
3100 sqft
$1850- Large 4 bed/3 Bath country home by Duncan, NE. Large living room with open kitchen and large covered deck off of kitchen and master bedroom. All appliances included. Large beautiful yard with yard service included with rent.
City GuideColumbus
Literally a testament to the days of the Old West, Columbus was incorporated as a town shortly after Native Americans signed the land over to American settlers, and it eventually served as a frequent destination of "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Reckon that many a cowboy saw time in these parts.

Those who visit Columbus often remember it for the wealth of history that the city holds, but if there's one thing they never forget, it's the cold weather. Those who are looking to get away from the frequent heat waves that affect other parts of the country will find solace in the lack, literally complete lack, of heat that affects this Midwestern state. Even with all of the cold weather, though, the safe and pleasant nature of the city has still brought in a population of well over 22,000 people, per 2010 U.S. Census data.

Moving to Columbus

Those looking to move to Columbus, whether looking for studio apartments or a large house to rent, will feel right at home in the city since just around a third of residents are renters. The city's history, which includes a drawn out saga with the Union Pacific railroad company (the crazy company literally blackmailed them for a railway), has ensured that even in a region that many people view as unpopulated, residents literally are surrounded by a transportation hub to anywhere they want to go.

Although Columbus is one of the main destinations in the Midwest, there are still plenty of places to go around. With that in mind, you should start looking for home rentals or an apartment two to three months in advance of your intended move. It likely wouldn't take this long, but honestly, you don't want to have to settle for a place you don't want when average low temperatures can reach down to 14 degrees. What if it doesn't have a fireplace?

In all honesty, we're going to say to move here between May and July. If you choose not to, you can expect one of two things. In August, you might just get caught up in the traffic related to the two day Power and Progress Festival. In other months, you may have to deal with average high temperatures, yes, high temperatures, of right at freezing. You make the call.

The smartest of residents bring a nice furry canine companion to keep them warm during the summer, and if that's you, make sure you're ready for an additional pet deposit. Either way, you should show up with proof of income, and while you're at it, it wouldn't hurt to bring a background check either. After all, the crime rate in Columbus is much lower than in the rest of America, and honestly, landlords probably want to keep it that way. So watch it on those illegal music downloads!

Columbus Neighborhoods

Though named neighborhoods are few and far between, the major highways in Columbus perfectly divide several areas of the city. Don't get too hung up on a certain area, though; they all have things that will make you eventually say, "Man, I wish I had moved there!"

Southwest: Those who search for apartments in this area of Columbus will likely love the Van Berg Municipal Golf Course. If golf isn't their cup of tea, though, they're also adjacent to the Pawnee Plunge Water Park. Yeah, enjoy the outdoor water park when average temperatures never go above 90 degrees!

Southeast: Those in the Southeast area of Columbus are adjacent to both Highway 30 and 80, so it's easy to get anywhere. Of course, since the Columbus Races Thoroughbred Track is here, you can find plenty of gambling fun without ever leaving the neighborhood!

North: This is the thick of things. You can find absolutely everything in the northern area of Columbus. Want to go travel? The Columbus Airport is nearby. Break a leg coming off of the plane? Head over to the Columbus Community Hospital. Easy peasy!

Living in Columbus

What could there possibly be to do in such a cold city after finding an apartment for rent? Plenty! You don't even have to look hard, so don't knock it until you try it.

Warm camping

Don't think just because it's cold you can't go camping! The Highway 81 RV Park ensures that you'll have your very own little adventure without freezing your tush off!

Swimming fun

Okay, we've mentioned the outdoor water park, but if you'd prefer to not freeze to death, you've got other options. Check out the Columbus Aquatic Center. It's indoors!

Historical finds

From the Korean Veterans Memorial to the Veterans of All Wars Memorial, the vets are covered. Militaria not your thing? Go check out the Platte County Historical Society then! If you can't find something you like, just go enjoy the water park.

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