Lots of top billing in Billings.

The Magic City has a crazy amount of reasons why people move here. There are a disproportionate number of art venues including theaters, museums, and even a symphony. Additionally, there is a city “event” just about every week – from wine & food, to hot air ballooning (Skyfest), to concerts and art walks, and rodeos. Billings is a tightly knit, navigable city that is very much in touch with its inner fun-ness – it's like Austin with contours and fewer Longhorns (but way more Bighorns).

How many shillings will it cost me in Billings?

Billings is not big and the collection of apartments can be sparse. While Billings has some exceptionally historic and colorful neighborhoods, you will find apartment hunting most fruitful in the following sections:

Downtown: The effective center of town – the heart of Billings' financial and cultural personalities are here – commonly referred to as “The Downtown Core.” Using Montana's tallest building, First Interstate Center, as the X marks the spot, you'll find about 45 restaurants, taverns, and pubs within ½ mile. 1 BR around $500 (fancy loft 1 BR for $900), 2 BR $600 - $725

West End: Sometimes called The West Side, this is the fastest growing neighborhood in Billings. The West End is home to the Rimrock Mall which has such treats as Orange Julius and casino gambling. Both true and equally refreshing. 1 BR $475 - $525, 2 BR $600 - $725, 3 BR under $1,000

South Side: Encompassing Old Town and South Park (stop chuckling, it's not that one), The South Side of Billings is technically part of the Downtown Core. Billings' oldest neighborhood, the South Side hosts (at South Park) numerous festivals and foodie events. 1 BR $500, 2 BR $600 - $700, 3BR $775 - $925

Heights: Another fast growing section of Billings, Heights is Northeast of downtown and is the place to be for outdoor activities, including golf. The acclaimed, quite beautiful, and reasonably priced and public Lake Hills Golf Course is here as well as Lake Elmo State Park. There are several apartment complexes here and a stunning array of fast food restaurants. 1 BR (not so easy to find) $500 - $575, 2 BR $675 - $750, 3 BR under $1,000.

Billings is a place with great, fresh air. Bring your outdoor spirit, and welcome to Billings!

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