Wildfire Relief - Home Bridge FAQ

What is the criteria for participation?

Interested participants must demonstrate the impact the fire had on their housing, alongside proof that they are not receiving immediate support through insurance, FEMA, and / or alternative resources.

How are you vetting applicants?

1. Nonprofit Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) will review applications and recommend qualified candidates to properties on a rolling, first come, first served basis.

2. Participating properties will have the ultimate decision making authority on tenants who can move into their properties, and their standard rules, regulations and policies apply.

What do the selected displaced people or families receive?

Donated housing in an apartment in San Francisco through December 31, 2021.

What if the property available is too far from where I live / work?

We will do our best to identify additional properties for qualified tenants with nearby properties, pending availability, but make no guarantees that tenants will receive their location preferences. Please fill out this form to let us know your geographic requirements.

Will interested tenants go through regular screening procedures?

Yes, after HIF vets interested tenants, each property will initiate regular screening procedures with interested renters.

Is it 1 family per unit?

Yes, each unit is limited to one family, with max number of tenants per unit decided by each property.

What happens if the family has nowhere to move after December 31, 2021?

The family is required to move out at the end of the lease , and / or continue on as a market value renter. If, for some reason, they refuse to move, the property will proceed with standard eviction processes.

What are the Fair Housing implications during vetting and selection?

Each property will implement their own Fair Housing procedures in selecting the final tenants.

Are tenants required to sign an agreement?

Tenants will sign an agreement around the terms of living in the property but are not expected to pay any fees for the duration of their relief housing. If participating tenants would like to sign a new lease at the end of this time  it is at their own discretion to continue in the property at the standard market rate.

Does eviction history matter? Do they need to qualify?

Each property will review the applicant and determine if he / she meets the requirements for the building.

Is the information I submit secure?

Yes, information provided is private and will only be used to assess applicants as it relates to this particular project.