La Crosse, WI is a sleepy town on the Mississippi River about 140 miles from Madison. It sits midway down the western border with Minnesota and Iowa, offering easy access to several states and their beautiful outdoor scenery. If you’re in search of a budget apartment, you’ve come to the right place. Being a college town in the Midwest, La Crosse has exceptionally affordable rental options. In the southern part of town around Hess Park you can find one-bedrooms as low as $399 a month (Cliffside Apartments, for example). Two-bedrooms are only slightly more, ranging around $500—and for that you get about 900 square feet. Not huge, but certainly enough space to move around!

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, the northern end of town has several luxury apartments right on the water such as Rivers Edge Apartments. These types of listings will offer you a nice assortment of creature comforts such as a washer and dryer, walk-in closets, pool tables, community rooms and fitness centers. Prices on a two-bedroom here will range around $880 to $1000 with a deposit of about half that. Several of the apartments in this neighborhood are pet-friendly (for both cats and dogs) and some will forgo the pet deposit, depending on the breed. Leases are typically one year and most of La Crosse generally has an easy, relaxed vibe around the whole rental process.

If you are interested in renting a house or condo instead, there is a nice selection of those to check out too. However, they will be pricier. To be quite frank, however, there isn’t great bang for your buck in the realm of rental houses compared to apartments. You will pay at least $1200 for any house and some simple two-bedrooms are listed at $1400 or more. Condos will be comparable. That said, if you’re willing to sacrifice certain extras, you could probably find a three or four bedroom in the $1200 to $1500 range. You’ll probably get off-street parking and a big yard. Some places have hardwood floors, as well as bonuses like fireplaces, patios, decks and cable access. Just take some time to look around and it is likely you will find something accommodating, especially in summertime when school lets out.

La Crosse is a beautiful place to live with good schools, friendly people, and an affordable lifestyle. If you start perusing, we’re certain you will find a rental that fits your needs just right. Good luck and enjoy your search!

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