The World's Littlest Skyscraper

Wichita Falls' "world's littlest skyscraper" can be viewed as both a parable of and metaphor for the citty. The development company of JD McMahon solicited investors and collected several hundred thousand dollars worth of capital based on a blueprint that was scaled in inches, rather than feet. The Newby-McMahon Building was completed in 1919, and is about 40-feet tall. Think “Spinal Tap’s” Stonehenge, but real.

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Rentals are most frequently located in developments and large complexes, rather than in single-family homes or smaller buildings. Because of this, most rentals are found without the help of real estate agents, through apartment management firms and online apartment classifieds (Hey, you’re on one!). Most apartment buildings offer move-in specials including reduced and waived application fees and deposits, and sometimes even a free month of rent. If you strike at the right time, you could find yourself saving quite a bit of dough.

What to Do in Wichita Falls

Okay, so Wichita Falls isn't really a bustling metropolis, but several shopping centers make it easy to get all your basic necessities or a good meal during a night on the town. The rural areas surrounding town are great for hunting, fishing and hiking.

Wichita Falls is also the home of one of the largest bicycle races in the country, the Hotter'n Hell Hundred, which draws crowds of over 10,000 participants annually. Even if you don’t find yourself in that 10,000-large crowd, we’re sure you’ll find someplace to satisfy your activities itch.


Speaking of Hotter'n Hell, Wichita Falls is, in fact, hot during the summer months, with temperatures frequently reaching the high 90s and lower 100s.


Like with most small cities, getting around Wichita Falls won’t be a bother. Having a car will make your commute the easiest, as traffic and rush hour are pretty much nonexistent across town. Falls Ride, the local bus system, also offers seven express and local bus routes throughout town.

Now you’re fit to get out there and find yourself a little skyscraper of your own. Happy hunting!

-By Kera Zacuto

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