Wondering what kind of amenities to expect in local apartment communities? Well, most places aren't too fancy-schmancy. You will be lucky to even get an on-site laundry facility. In fact, some places don't even provide lawn care or snow removal. College kids, on the other hand, get to enjoy some amenity-packed student housing. You lucky studious ones can enjoy plenty of luxuries, such as a swimming pool, gym, coffee bar, BBQ pits, bike racks, free Wi-Fi, security, plenty of parking, and a shuttle to SUNY.

Those moving to town with pets should know that pet friendly apartments are a tough find. For dog-owners, doubly-so. However, they do exist, and if you search for your new rental property in early summer when the SUNY kids are out of town, the chances of finding a pet friendly apartment or rental home will be much greater. If, for some reason, you can't find anything before the big move and don't want to leave behind your best friend, then there are plenty of pet friendly pads in surrounding cities.

Safety is always on a parent's mind, and whether you're moving to town with kids or you're the kid moving to town, you will be happy to know that Plattsburgh is a perfectly safe place to live. Families and students both feel comfortable enough to walk the streets after dark without worry. The police are eager for a chance to chase the rare lawbreaker down, and few crimes go unsolved around here.

So, that's life you can expect here in Plattsburgh. Best of luck on the home hunt!

-By Katy Comal

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