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Cheap apartments for rent are pretty much the only way to go in Charleston, so if you get your kicks by overspending on apartments, you’re out of luck (isn’t it about time you broke that habit anyway?) In fact, you’ll find a virtual deluge of apartments in Charleston, Illinois in the $300-$400 range (nope, not a typo), and even spacious, multi-BR units are available in abundance for under $600.

Don’t mistake affordability for lack of quality when it comes to apartments and townhouses for rent in Charleston, Illinois. Even some of the most modestly priced rentals come equipped with ultra-sweet amenities like patios, balconies, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, on-site laundry facilities, tennis courts, clubhouses, fitness centers, and tons of other cool stuff.

Pretty much every apartment complex in Charleston sees major spikes in occupancy just before the fall semester at EIU, so if you’re a student in the market for a campus area crash pad, we recommend beginning your hunt no later than May or June to ensure you have the pick of the apartment litter.

Don’t be intimidated by apartments in Charleston that adhere to “income restriction” policies. For all practical purposes, it just means that if you have no job, bank account, renting history, or credit, you’ll need a reputable cosigner to seal the deal.

Most leasing deals in Charleston are for a full year, although some landlords offer short-term, month-to-month leasing deals as well. Just be prepared to fork over an extra buck or two in rent each month if you’re residing on a short-term lease. Same goes for pet-friendly apartments in Charleston, Illinois.

Furnished apartments for rent are amply available as well in Charleston (again, for a slightly higher monthly cost). In other words, you can do yourself a favor and finally drag that beer-and-Dorito-stained futon of yours to the curb. And now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time for our favorite part: finding you an unbeatable leasing deal in Charleston, Illinois. Best of luck and happy hunting!

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