Report Card: What Are the Top U.S. Metros for Millennials?

Apartment List graded 75 top U.S. metros in three categories — jobs, affordability and livability — to determine the best metros for millennials. Overall, affordable inland metros scored highest, with Pittsburgh, Provo and Madison topping the list. Metros where millennials traditionally move — San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York — and where millennials have recently been moving — Seattle, Austin and Denver — failed to make the list due to their lack of affordability.

Moving On: Why are Renters Relocating?

A new Apartment List report reveals that 64 percent of renters indicate plans to settle down in a city other than where they currently reside, with Sunbelt renters more likely to settle in their current location. In pricey East Coast and West Coast metros, renters cite affordability as the largest driver of relocation, while in inland metros — primarily located in the Midwest and South Atlantic — better job opportunities are the main factor driving renters to new locations.

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