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Why Renting Isn’t Just For Millennials

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We all know that millennials are the "renter generation." But who else is taking the spotlight on the renting scene? Multifamily properties are starting to pay attention and giving these renters what they need.

Everything You Need to Know About Negotiating Your Rent

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Some things are fixed in life: past events, taxes, mortality. However, rent is not one of these things. Find out everything you need to know about why, when, and how to negotiate your rent!

Top Housing Trends You Need to Know About

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When it comes to choosing how and where to live, the options are endless. Apartments, tiny houses, co-living, extended stays, micro matter who you are or where you're trying to be in life, there's a housing option to match.

The Beginner’s Guide to Renters Insurance

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Think you don't need it? Think again!

What Makes Your Apartment Cost More?

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One of the trickiest things about renting an apartment is often the rent itself. How do you know what's normal? What if you're in a unique situation and need to take a short-term lease? Why does pricing seem to be different for almost every unit, even if their description is the same? We are here to answer your pressing questions about rent pricing and get you on your way, in this second part of our renter question series. Read on for some great tips!