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Top 5 Apps to Help You With Your Apartment Chores

February 1, 2019

via Tody

We are all familiar with those weeks where your fast-paced lifestyle and long working hours leave no time for household chores. Thankfully, technological advances and the sharing economy can help us stay on top of our responsibilities. Below you will find our five top apps for helping with apartment chores.


Whether you need someone to repaint your walls, organize your belongings or put together a new bed from IKEA, TaskRabbit can help you with it! The app is a marketplace that connects you with individual contractors, or “taskers.” Hourly rates will vary depending on your task and your tasker. TaskRabbit is very serious about security and safety, and all contractors go through rigorous background checks. If you are still not sure whether you want to let a stranger through your door, you can read reviews written by each contractor’s previous clients. So if you need some moving assistance or help with plumbing, check out TaskRabbit!

iOS | Android


If you’ve watched a new viral Netflix show “Tidying up With Marie Kondo”, we wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to declutter your home once and for all. If you don’t know where to start, you’ll find Sortly super helpful. This app allows you to create an inventory of all your household items, add photos and descriptions, and put them in categories. Sortly can be especially helpful when moving. Just categorize your household items by boxes and create a printable QR code (a type of barcode) for each box. This amazing feature makes unpacking so much easier! Just scan the code and you’ll know exactly what’s in that box! Don't forget to use our free KonMari checklist to categorize your belongings!

iOS | Android


Most of us would like to live in clean, orderly houses. However, we often struggle to find the time and motivation to clean. When we do, it is easy to get overwhelmed and daunting to decide where to start. Fortunately, Tody can help. The app creates a list of tasks by room and estimates the priority of and frequency needed for each one. The tasks are customizable and the frequency of cleaning can be adjusted. What’s great about Tody is that you can use it together with your roommates, sharing tasks and responsibilities, and tracking progress while avoiding awkward conversations.

iOS | Android


OurHome is very similar to Tody, and is a great  solution for families. It allows you to assign tasks and award points for their completion. It’s a great tool if you are trying to involve your kids in cleaning and teach them discipline and responsibility. You can use the reward system to motivate them and exchange points for toys or iPad time. The app can also be used to share grocery lists and a family events calendar.

iOS | Android


If you’ve ever found yourself standing in front of your fridge trying to figure out how to turn  your seemingly random array of ingredients into a meal, Yummly is just what you need! The app allows you to search for recipes based on ingredients you have at home. Empty fridge? No problem! Just search for a recipe and the app will create a grocery list for you. It’s integrated with InstaCart, so you can have all the ingredients at your door within an hour. If you are hosting a party and need to have everything done by a certain time, just add it to the app and it will tell you when to start cooking.

iOS | Android

These are a just a few of our favorite household-related apps that can make a big difference in your day-to-day life. Have a home app that everyone should learn about? Let us know of it by tagging @ApartmentList on Twitter or Instagram.

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Sania is a content manager and contributing author at Apartment List. Sania previously worked in marketing at Habitat for Humanity and Samsung Electronics. Read More
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