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Your Worst Roommate Horror Stories

July 26, 2017

With the big moving season coming up, Apartment List wants to ensure our renters not only found a great apartment but are also prepared for their new roommates. We already shared our tips for finding the perfect roommate, but beware, not all roommates are perfect.

Having a roommate (or many) can be a blessing. You’ll have someone to cook dinner with or vent about your day over a glass of wine. Plus, a roommate helps split the costs of your apartment.

The wrong roommate can also be a disaster. We’ve all had a bad roommate - whether they were messy, passive-aggressive or just downright nightmares. We asked Apartment List users to share their roommate horror stories.

After reading these stories, you may not feel so bad about some of your former roommates...or maybe you’ve had an even worse roommate. Share your story with us at @apartmentlist! #ApartmentList #NightmareRoommates

Some roommates are bad from day one…

1. The Minimalist 

...while others left a bad mess behind.

2. The Trash Hoarder

3. The Move Out ‘Gift’

Many renters had complaints about their roommates' significant others...

4. The Additional Roommate

5. The Intrusive Boyfriend

...or the pets their roommate brought along.

6. The Light House

Some roommates went too far to save money…

7. The Cheap (and Cold) Roommate

8. The Penny Pincher

...while others threw wild parties.

9. The Surprise Party

10. The Nude Partier

11. The Pee Couch

Roommates sometimes had strange habits and hobbies…

12. The Hair Saver

13. Walking on Eggshells

...or whereabouts that still remain a mystery.

14. The Disappearing Roommate

Don’t worry! Having a roommate is not all bad. We also received stories about roommates who went above and beyond being ordinary roommates. Our renters shared stories of roommates who made them soup when they were sick, helped them through bad breakups and remained life-long friends.

We want to hear your roommate stories - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Share your best stories using #ApartmentList #RoommateNightmares

Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

By: Sydney Bennet
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