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12 Ways to Celebrate Easter While Sheltering-in-Place

By: Joanna Dorman
April 8, 2020

Easter is right around the corner. While Coronavirus has changed a whole lot, you can still celebrate with friends, family, or roommates, even while under quarantine. 

Social distancing makes the holiday more challenging. However, it also offers an opportunity for creativity and thoughtfulness. Take your pick of your favorites and start your own apartment tradition this year!

1. Order In & Host a Virtual Easter Brunch

Restaurants are still considered essential businesses with take-out and delivery options available. Check around for Easter brunch specials in your neighborhood. 

You could also whip up a new signature creation. Don't forget your favorite coffees, juices, and fruit to brighten the mood. 

Once the menu is in place, turn your Easter brunch into a virtual affair. Invite over friends and family to join in on the festivities via Zoom, FaceTime, or your favorite platform to chat. 

2. Dress Up in Your Favorite Easter Ensemble

It's time to shake up your quarantine wardrobe! Get out of the sweats and pull on your Easter best. That could be a swanky dress or suit or bright and festive colors. If you don't have a vibrant dress or suit in your closet, consider purchasing one from a local, small business online. It's a win-win!

3. Set Up an Indoor Egg Hunt

Whether you have kids in the apartment or are just kids at heart, set up your indoor egg hunt. Stuff the eggs with chocolates, inspirational quotes, or candies that brighten up your day. Make it just challenging enough that someone will find that hidden egg behind the TV stand by nightfall. 

4. Decorate Styrofoam Eggs

Let's save the real eggs for eating this year and decorate styrofoam egg alternatives. Paint, bedazzle and adorn your eggs with the most outlandish decor you can think of. The best part is, you can reuse them next year when we're enjoying life out of quarantine. 

But if you must dye real eggs, make sure they're hard-boiled.  Use a non-toxic dye. That way, you can peel them and add them to a spring salad.

5. Send Easter Cards to Family & Friends

Offer a holiday gesture to friends and family members near and dear to your heart. Send Easter cards to friends and family. You can remind them you're still around and can hop on Zoom at a moment's notice. 

Add a note with a sweet memory. You can also tuck in a picture from happy memories that are sure to brighten their day. 

6. Do Something for Others

In the spirit of Easter, give back to your community! From delivering groceries to a neighbor to donating to a worthy cause, you can honor Easter by helping those in need. 

And remember, you don't need money to help out. You can always offer to run an errand, donate your skills, or just lend an ear this year.

7. Stream Easter Services

Stay safe but connected with your church on Easter by checking to see if it's hosting a virtual service. If not, many religious organizations are offering online services. 

Do a little research online to find one you can stream! Countless churches and organizations from around the world will also provide livestream services on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

8. Adorn Your Apartment

Get into the spirit of Easter by decorating your apartment. Any kids at home will likely take the lead by crafting bunnies and spring flowers out of paper, cardboard from your Amazon deliveries, and anything else you can find. 

But even with no kids underfoot, you can still honor the season by ordering spring bouquets and colorful placemats. 

Short on cash? Go on a brisk walk for your daily exercise. Pick vibrant wildflowers to place around your apartment in mason jars adorned with a simple bow. 

9. Bake Easter Desserts

Who says Christmas is the only time you can bake and frost holiday cookies? Even without many supplies, you can create egg-shaped cookies. Top them with a simple frosting. 

Add a little food coloring of your favorite hues. Better yet, order from a local bakery. Wrap up some extras to surprise a special neighbor with doorstep delivery.

10. Leave an Inspiring Message

As the weeks evolve, the world is feeling the gravity of sheltering in place and social distancing. Leave someone a hopeful, uplifting message that will brighten their day. 

Post something in your window, on the front door of your apartment complex, or if possible, chalk your walk. A little color and inspiration can set the mood for passersby.

11. Enjoy Drinks Outdoors

Who says you can't still drink outdoors during a pandemic? Sit outside on your balcony and ask a next-door neighbor to join you on their own terrace for a chat. Of course, make sure your balconies are over six feet apart before mingling. 

Mix up your favorite afternoon cocktail, and enjoy with the outside breeze. If you don't have a balcony, you can still enjoy the fresh air. Throw open all the windows and sit down to a picnic and a cold drink on your floor. The sun will remind you that Easter is still a warm and inviting day.

12. Create a New Tradition

As we're adjusting to the "new normal," major life events and holidays may not feel the same. It's okay to reflect on those feelings. But then try to move on and embrace how much we're gaining with time to reconnect and reflect. 

You can also use this time as an opportunity to establish a new Easter tradition that your friends and family can participate in for years to come! Each year will serve as an optimistic reminder that we can and will adapt and push through hard times together.

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