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COVID-19 Tips: Staying Healthy in a Busy Apartment Building

March 19, 2020

Staying healthy inside your apartment complex is something we all take for granted. We come and go and never think of the viruses that come with us. 

That is, until Coronavirus makes headlines. With everyone working from home and social distancing, how do we stay safe in a building full of people?

Below are 10 tips for staying healthy in a crowded apartment building.

1. Limit Use of Shared Spaces

Apartment complexes loaded with amenities are a big win for tenants. The best buildings come with common areas like swimming pools, updated laundry rooms, and fitness centers. There are also mailrooms and interactions in the lobby to consider.

All of these areas make apartment living feel luxurious. However, it's also easy to exchange germs and viruses with your neighbors.

Avoid all of the common and shared apartment building spaces you can. If you must use these, try going during less busy times, like early morning or late at night. You can always relax on your balcony or work out at home if you need a change in routine.

2. Skip the Resident Events

Socially active apartment buildings often host happy hours, neighbor meet and greets, and other events. Your property management or landlord should have canceled these events already. If they haven't, pass on them.

It's not worth the risk to gather. Instead, skip the events altogether. Meet virtually with your neighbors to stay social.

3. Pay Rent Online

It's best to avoid any unnecessary activity. That includes handing over a check or making a trip to the post office. There are plenty of ways to pay virtually instead.

Pay your rent online through an approved payment portal from your apartment complex. Nowadays, most landlords accept some form of online rent payments. If not, make sure to wash your hands after delivering a check in person.

4. Call in Maintenance Requests

Non-urgent maintenance requests like an oven light on the fritz can wait. However, some requests need immediate attention. Those may range from a leaky roof to a broken refrigerator. 

Call in your apartment maintenance requests over the phone. When maintenance workers show up, keep a distance of at least six feet from maintenance workers and other contractors.

5. Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Elevators have poor ventilation and put you in close proximity to neighbors. There's also that slight risk of getting stuck with others. Take the stairs whenever possible. Look at it as an opportunity to get more exercise.

If there's no other choice but to take the elevator, press the button with your elbow. Use hand sanitizer before handling your doorknob and immediately wash your hands inside.

6. Keep Practicing the Preventative Basics

Whether you're staying inside your apartment all day or doing essential errands, it's wise to keep practicing preventative basics. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wash your hands upon entering your apartment
  • Wash your hands before you eat 
  • Disinfect your phone
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Avoid physical contact and keep distance between neighbors and roommates

7. Have your Groceries Delivered

Even during a crisis, grocery stores are often packed with people looking to stock up. Skip the trip and order your groceries for delivery. Some stores also offer curbside pick-up where all you need to do is pop the trunk.

Delivery requests are at an all-time high right now. Be prepared for some unavailable items, delayed delivery dates, and potentially canceled orders.

8. Order Food on Delivery Apps

Almost all eateries offer delivery or partner with a third-party delivery service. And due to the Coronavirus outbreak, you can now arrange for no-contact deliveries where the delivery person will leave food outside your door or in another safe location.

Aside from still enjoying your favorite foods, it's also crucial to support local restaurants right now. You're giving back to the local economy and practicing social distancing at the same time.

9. Take Extra Caution in Common Garbage Areas

Keeping your apartment clean and tidy is essential. However, it also requires touching common garbage areas. Used Kleenexes, sponges, and other items carry dangerous viruses and germs. 

Avoid touching common garbage areas whenever possible. Use disposable gloves when you do. Remember to sanitize your hands before you touch your doorknob and enter your apartment. 

10. Clean and Disinfect Your Apartment 

We're still figuring out COVID-19, but we know it spreads quickly with damaging effects. Social distancing and hand washing are critical. So is disinfecting your personal space. 

Work on keeping a clean and disinfected apartment whenever possible to keep viruses out.

You can help the world around you by staying as clean as possible during our days of social distancing. Stay healthy and proactive during your time at home.

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