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SOMA at 788
788 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA
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Telegraph Hill
San Francisco, CA
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City Guide
Telegraph Hill, San Francisco
Moving to Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill played an integral role in San Francisco's history, but that's not really what you want to hear about, is it? You want to know just how easy it's going to be to move there. Well, it's definitely going to take some planning. A population of a little over 6,000 people may not seem like much, but remember that this is just a neighborhood. Get that game face on!

When to start looking

You should probably start looking as of right... now. As a neighborhood with a historical landmark, there aren't very many areas for new construction. That means that you've got to take what you can get and trust the fact that many people already have. The overall area had a population of over 8,000 in 2008, and this equates to a population density of 38,000 people per square mile. Sure, there are nowhere near that many people on the hill, but it's more dense, with people anyway, than New York City.

When to make the move

Neighborhoods in San Francisco, especially ones only seconds from San Francisco Bay and minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, stay pretty full. This means that you should make the move whenever possible. Whether it's a luxury apartment or one of the one bedroom apartments for rent, move there as soon as the landlord is willing to let you.

What to bring along

Renting an apartment anywhere requires a bit of preparation and important documents, but this is especially the case in Telegraph Hill. Landlords can be picky if they want to. After all, it's basically a neighborhood surrounding a tourist attraction (the tower). Come prepared with landlord references, a credit check, first and last month's rent, and anything else you could possibly think of that might make you look great.

Areas of Telegraph Hill

During your apartment search in Telegraph Hill, you may wonder just how a neighborhood could have distinct areas. Well, this is San Francisco; it happens. Seriously, just look at all of the awesomeness going on in each specific area. If you don't love this historic neighborhood afterward, you've got some serious issues.

Northside: Like most areas of Telegraph Hill, the north side of the neighborhood is highly residential. Those who live in the area will still find several stores along with Jack Early Park and Chestnut and Kearny open space park. Yes, strange names. Deal with it.

Central Telegraph Hill: This is the location of the awesome Colt Tower and Pioneer Park. At the top of Colt Tower, you can see just about everything. Treasure Island, Alcatraz, and even the Golden Gate Bridge are all visible.

Southside: Yeah, there are plenty more rental properties in this area, but Broadway Street also houses the Penthouse Club. Sure, you may not want to hang out in such a place, but just living near the place grants a certain level of bragging rights.

Living in Telegraph Hill

Each neighborhood has its own greatness. Seriously, it's San Francisco; what did you expect? There aren't many complaints about specific neighborhoods, but for the overall area of Telegraph Hill, you'll definitely hear none. Careful, though! You might run into some hipsters!

A Generation on Display

You can enjoy artifacts of the Beat Generation over at The Beat Museum. No, we're not too sure what the Beat Generation is, but that's part of the adventure!

Cable Cars Galore

Yes, there's a cable car museum only minutes away from the city center. You never know, there could be something awesome to learn.

Affordable Creativity on Display

The Emerald Tablet continuously hosts events and exhibits ranging from impressionistic painting displays to jazz concerts. Best part? They take donations, so a lack of funds isn't a disqualification!