64 Apartments for rent in Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA

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Last updated August 20 at 1:38PM
432 China Basin Street
Mission Bay
San Francisco, CA
Updated August 19 at 10:07AM
1 Bedroom
Results within 1 miles of Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA
South Beach Marina
2 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA
Updated August 12 at 2:30AM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
435 China Basin Street, Unit #441
Mission Bay
San Francisco, CA
Updated August 20 at 9:49AM
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Mission Bay, San Francisco
Moving to Mission Bay

When there's a new hot neighborhood in San Francisco, chances are it's hard to find one-bedroom o s tudio apartments for rent at all SF is a lot like NY when it comes to housing, which means there are limited options and very high demand. Like most cities, you won't find many three-bedroom houses for rent. But Mission Bay is a little different. Thousands of apartments and condos for rent are being built right now, meaning potential renters have more room to negotiate for a better deal or find the perfect mix of fabulous amenities, views and earthquake insurance. One thing to look out for here: all those trolley lines and MUNI cars do make noise. Take the time to find a sweet spot that's not rattling with every bus or train.

Every move requires some planning, but San Francisco is a special place that makes moving a bit more difficult. You shouldn't be scared though, it's a character-building experience. First, you must understand the real estate market is competitive even in brand-spanking new Mission Bay. Plan well in advance -- several months or more -- to find the spot you want and give it a year if you're picky about accommodations. Next, just because you're moving to California doesn't mean you should toss your winter clothes and invest in flip-flops. SF isn't like Southern California, especially when it comes to climate. Wind blows, rain falls and temperatures can dip into the 30's, and that's in the summer. Most days, it's partly cloudy and around 60 degrees. It's a good rule of thumb to always dress in layers.


Mission Bay is a neighborhood of the city of San Francisco, and it's only about 300 acres large. Still, there are some minor differences between certain parts, so know your zone before you settle.

Southeast: There are basically two blocks that comprise Mish Bay, the top left portion and the bottom right spot. The bottom is closer to the water and piers, with less noise, more "homes," condos, parking and parks (like Bay Front Park). The Third Street MUNI keeps everyone moving downtown, and the 280 is right there as well.

Northwest: Up top is livelier, with a selection of restaurants, bars and other enticing venues within easy walking distance, and all the public trans you can shake a MUNI pass at. You may or may not notice there's a bit of a smell sometimes. Yep, that's the sewage treatment plant. Best to avoid Third and Fourth Streets on stinky days. If you like a nightlife, you'll want to choose this option.

Life as You Like It

Most San Francisco natives can guess a person's neighborhood by their personality, but Mission Bay is surprisingly diverse. Love nights at home with a movie or a book? The streets of Mission Bay aren't crowded with revelers unless there's been a game, and that tumult dies down quickly. Prefer spending hours experiencing the latest culinary trends with a loyal group of foodies? Cutting-edge restaurants aren't just close; they're within walking distance, including hot spot Marlowe. Maybe you like grabbing groceries at the farmers' market before joining your friends for a pint. The farmers' market is a quick trolley ride to the Embarcadero, and so are a couple of classic dive bars (Try Hotel Utah Saloon). The reality is that the neighborhood is what you make it, just make it something beautiful and you're welcomed with open arms.

As for a car, you don't need one. You have plenty of affordable public transport options, including Caltrain, MUNI and BART. People also love biking here. If you have a car, you don't have to abandon it. Parking is an option in Mission Bay, but it's not free.