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The city is home to Dyersburg State Community College, which provides some interesting culture and entertainment in the small town. There are few local parks as well. Dyersburg is also the retail center for the surrounding area, so you’ll find many of the region’s best restaurants and entertainment, as well as convenient shopping at large box stores right in your new town.

You’re going to learn quickly that the big problem with Dyersburg is the crime. Property crime, violent crime, and automobile crime are all the big ones to look out for here. Of course, it’s not like crime directed at you is at all guaranteed, but you’ll have a much higher chance of encountering unfortunate situations if you’re not smart about it. When scoping our your new neighborhood, visit both at night and during the day to get a proper feel for the area. When you find an area that’s comfortable, remain start and lock your doors. You’ll be fine, just take the extra second to ensure that.

By and large the safest areas to find apartment rentals will be west of Dyersburg’s city center. In fact, try to stay west of State Route 51 as this area has the best safety reputation in a city where crime will be your primary concern. Here, you’ll find a handful of apartment complexes that offer everything from studio apartments to two bedrooms, as well as the occasional rental home. Two bedrooms here generally range from $500 to $650.

The next safest Dyersburg area is the city center and just north of Dyersburg State’s campus. Here there are a few apartment complexes that cater to students and frequently offer short-term lease options. You can also find the occasional rental home or duplex in these areas. Two bedrooms here generally range from $450 to $600.

Pet-friendly rentals are a bit hit or miss in Dyersburg. Some complexes will be both cat and dog-friendly while others will have strict no pet policies. That said, allow yourself plenty of time to locate a pet friendly rental in the safer areas of Dyersburg.

So welcome to Dyersburg! Good luck and happy hunting!

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