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Small Town, Big Appeal

Do you like getting more bang for your buck? Look no further than Marshall. Home-seekers can expect their cost of living expenses to be 20 percent less than the national average. With plenty of property rental and ownership opportunities with unbeatable values, this Midwestern town has a lot to offer. Convinced yet? Take a look at some of the rental apartments around town to find one that suits your budget. Making the move? Many apartments will require a credit check prior to move-in. Be prepared with your security deposit in case you need one. Once the important paperwork is out of the way, you can prepare for your big move. A moving company can expedite the trip for a fee. Renting a truck can save new tenants some cash, but the effort involved takes time and hard labor. New to Missouri? Pack your rain coat. And your sunglasses. And your snow gear. Marshall's median summer temperatures can swell to a sultry 90 degrees, while winter temps plunge into the teens and below.

Notable Neighborhoods

The Missouri Valley College / South O'Dell neighborhood encompasses the airport and a piece of Indian Foothills Park. You can find apartments to rent in this area of any size, from studio to three-bedroom rentals. From month to month, you may have few next-door neighbors, as Marshall's college population moves in and out with the school season.

Arrow Rock / Nelson: The Arrow Rock / Nelson neighborhood is the place to go if you value a rural setting and peaceable neighbors. Rated one of the quietest neighborhoods in America by the website, this community is a popular choice for retired people. If you're social and enjoy city noise, consider a different neighborhood: Arrow Rock / Nelson is one of the least densely populated neighborhoods in the country.

Malta Bend / Grand Pass: The Malta Bend / Grand Pass neighborhood encompasses the Grand Pass Conservation Area. Don't settle in Malta Bend / Grand Pass if you are fond of crowds. This neighborhood is all about space. Like Arrow Rock, it's quiet and sparsely populated.

South O'Dell / Yerby: The South O'Dell / Yerby Street neighborhood is perfect for bicycle commuters. It's also a top pick for college students due to walkability and a low crime rate. In fact, it's rated one of the safest places in Missouri for college students to live.

West Arrow / South Ellsworth: The West Arrow / South Ellsworth neighborhood is close to the college, and is home to some amenities that serve the student body. It's another safe pick. If you're not a student, you might have a lonely existence in the off-season.

Marshall Living

The City Center neighborhood has studio apartments for rent as well as two and three-bedroom apartments. It's the neighborhood for you if you plan to travel to work by car, but take heart, residents of the City Center neighborhood still enjoy a short commute compared to the national average. Do you like long commutes to work? If that's the case, Marshall, Missouri may not be for you. Not only is the average commute time a whopping 14.58 minutes less than the national average, the lack of heavy traffic keeps Marshall's streets quiet and the air clean. If you're moving to Marshall, prepare for the good life at a great price.

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