One thing that makes finding rental properties in Vincennes difficult is the lack of web presence. A lot of the real estate is made up of small houses, mobile homes, and apartments for rent in little old buildings, which is adorable, but a little harder to find online. So, if you want a wider variety of listings then have a look at the local classifieds and keep an eye out for street-side FOR RENT signs.

The types of amenities in this city's rental properties tend to cater to the local culture of simple living, rather than ritzy luxury. For instance, many places come with a nice plot of land in the country, or a location within close proximity to popular hangouts. You can expect to find plenty of places with a washer and dryer, a patio or balcony, and a yard. Finding a spa or gym, on the other hand, is very unlikely.

Those moving to town with "normal" pets will be happy to know that there are plenty of cat friendly and dog friendly rental properties. Other pets, however, aren't so lucky. Many local apartments don't even allow fish. However, if you're best friend is a dog, then you will be very pleased with all the dog friendly duplexes and rental homes with nice, big fenced-in yards.

That's about all you need to know about renting in Vincennes these days. It's a simple life that's easy to get used to, and the longer you stay the deeper your roots will run. Enjoy.

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